Photo: Midway Games

RANKED! The 10 Most Challenging Bosses In ’90s Video Games

Photo: Midway Games

Video games have long been an entertaining way to spend our time. They’ve provided countless hours of joy while we’ve burned away our brain cells, become mindless zombies or whatever other lame side effect our parents say these games cause.

But with all the happy moments, there have been some frustrating ones, and these have mostly occurred when faced with one of the many bosses we’ve fought in these games. In particular, ’90s video games produced some of the most, infuriating, irritating, aggravating and downright emotionally taxing challenges from bosses. These characters caused property damage in excess of billions (probably) as a result of game controllers being thrown vigorously across the room. They also caused us to lie to our parents about where all our allowance went, explaining that the school bully beat us down for it when really we dropped it all in quarters at the local arcade.

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Yeah, the ’90s was full of video-game bosses that humbled us. Some we overcame after hours (years?) of attempts, and others remain undefeated. Let’s take a look back at the bosses that caused the gray hairs we have today (click on the “+” icon to read our takes)

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