Tomi Lahren Uses Her Parents’ Obamacare

Tomi Lahren


Tomi Lahren is my boo in the sense that I’d like to bend her over a couch just so she’d shut the fuck for like 30 or so minutes, but I recently saw her without makeup so the whole “bend her over thing” would be more of a necessity now. Anyway, she squared off against noted Affordable Care Act expert, Chelsea Handler, at some kind of summit where she admitted she uses Obamacare.

“I believe it’s my right to purchase health care, I don’t believe it’s my right to pay for it for other people,” Lahren told Handler. “We need to find alternatives — what we have now is not working. What we had before Obamacare wasn’t working.” Lahren repeatedly argued against the law, which President Obama signed in 2010. But she did say at one point that she was still on her parents’ insurance plan because of it. “Do you have a health care plan or no?” Handler asked Lahren. “Well luckily, I’m 24, so I am still on my parents’ [plan]” Lahren replied…”That’s exactly what I’m saying,” Lahren said. “To say there are things from Obamacare that are not positive, that’s not true.”

I guess this would be news if everybody wasn’t forced to use Obamacare, but if you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’re fighting to save Obamacare while your parents pay for it. That’s cool. Usually when you don’t have to pay for stuff it’s easy to see it as an inherent right. Also, have you guys seen Tomi Lahren without makeup? Sorry to stress this again, but it’s very concerning to me.


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