Warner Bros. Wants ‘Wonder Woman’ To Win The Best Picture Oscar

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman has made $781M and, although the bar was set lower than hell, it is the best DC movie since Nolan left, so obviously Warner Bros. thinks it deserves all the Oscars.

Although executives haven’t commented publicly on their plans, they have internally discussed launching a formidable awards-season campaign for the movie, in the hopes of making it the first comic-book film nominated for best pictureVariety has learned. The studio will also stump Patty Jenkins for best director, which would also be groundbreaking. No director of a comic-book film — not even Christopher Nolan — has ever been nominated, and only men have ruled the category since (and before) Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for “The Hurt Locker” in 2010.

Now, I’m sure we can separate a movie that makes a lot of money and the cultural and societal impact of said movie with the realization that said movie has no business winning an Oscar for Best Picture. Wonder Woman isn’t even the best superhero movie of 2017 (*ahem*). Nominated? Sure, whatever. Patty Jenkins deserves an Oscar nomination just because she managed to make a competent DC superhero movie that makes some kind of sense. DC movies are that bad. I can name like 10 movies better than Wonder Woman right now, and that’s fine. I understand that little girls don’t want to dress like the black guy in Get Out or the cannibal chick in Raw. They’ll find a way to go on if Wonder Woman doesn’t win Best Picture.