Warner Bros. Says Ben Affleck Is Directing The Batman Movie He Wrote

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Ben Affleck had written a stand alone Batman script. Cool. And now that Melissa McCarthy has thrown the last bit of dirt over Batman v Superman‘s abject failure, Warner Bros. is letting Affleck direct this one because Zack Snyder fucks up everything he touches. No big mystery.

At the Warner Bros presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, the studio confirmed work on a standalone Batman film, with Affleck possibly involved in a role behind-the-scenes. Onstage, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirmed that Affleck is working on a solo Batman film and also appeared to confirm that Affleck is directing; while he didn’t explicitly state that Affleck is writing and directing the movie, Tsujihara listed the actor as one of the “filmmakers” working on the expanded DC universe, along with Aquaman director James Wan.

Ben Affleck also confirmed it at CinemaCon as well, so if you’re a DC fan who think Marvel paid off critics for your last disaster, good news! The shit Affleck directs is either usually pretty damn good or great. I’m pretty excited to see Batman playing for the Red Sox. Hahahaha totally not fair! Give the other team a chance, buddy!


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