‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Has A Trailer

The trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence dropped yesterday, 20 years after the Independence Day that didn’t have a semicolon in the title.  As the title suggests, the aliens have resurged in some way. Maybe they’ve come here to take jobs from hard-working American citizens. The trailer also says “We always knew they would come back”.  I think we always knew that because the first one made $306M, so I guess the aliens were just waiting until we as a species got better with CGI to attack again. Jeff Goldblum is back. President Whitmore is back (so is his speech). Some new people include: a black guy who isn’t Will Smith, a Hemsworth, President Whitmore’s daughter who grew up to be an entirely different actor since the original actor was only cute as a child but no so much anymore. From what I can tell, we used the alien technology from the first one to protect earth then the aliens come back with bigger and better alien technology because aliens are great at that kind of stuff and this movie needed a plot.