Charlie Sheen Has Banged 200 People Since 2013

Dude, for real. Chill.

At least six women have lawyered up in the last 24 hours and plan to sue Charlie Sheen for intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, sexual battery … and more are on the way. A prominent Los Angeles lawyer tells TMZ, the 6 women contacted him Monday, and he has appointments with 4 more today. The women claim they had both protected and unprotected sex with Sheen, as recently as last month, and he did not disclose his HIV status. A source directly connected with Sheen says in the last 2 years, Sheen has had at least 200 partners, so the number of women who either will sue or plan to sue will almost certainly grow exponentially.

I should ask a psychiatrist, but I think the the amount of pain you’re trying to fuck away when you bang 200 hookers in between new Adele albums has to be it’s own chapter. So, of course he’s gonna get the HIV sued out of him. He’s already selling two of his three mansions in Thousand Oaks. I mean, it’s not like he can donate plasma.

Sheen’s ex-gf, Bree Olson, doesn’t have it. She does have a shitty camera though.

photo credit = Instagram