Danica Patrick Did A Music Video


Danica Patrick posed in Maxim and gets naked for Go Daddy commercials but complains about being considered just a sex symbol because women don't adhere to human logic and are irrational headcase who know exactly what they want as soon as they figure out what it is (subject to change). But we love them anyway because they smell better than us and some of them have boobs and all of them have vaginas. They're too busy fighting with each other to realize everything that has ever been accomplished by men is because we're just trying to get laid. As the great American philospher Gary Busey once said, "they have half the money and all the pussy", yet they still can't seem to get it together. God bless them. Stay strong, sisters. But enough of the social commentary, here's not-sex symbol, strictly professional NASCAR driver and don't you call her anything else, Danica Patrick in a half shirt and filtered lighting in Colt Ford's video for "Driving Around Song". I tried to watch this video, but it doesn't make any sense because she didn't crash halfway through.