Sup, Kate?

Kate Winslet attented the London premiere of Titanic 3D in London yesterday, looking as hot as she did when it first came out 15 years ago. Everybody remember that? You should because it was in the theater for a fucking year and every girl you knew when to see it 75 times and then it was released a while back and now it’s in fucking 3D because James Cameron doesn’t have enough money to go scuba diving and women have vaginas so they think a movie about 1,514 hitting an iceberg and drowning to death is an epic love story. Jesus, ladies. Who cares if the guy is dying from hypothermia and is about to sink to the bottom of the black ocean? As long as he’s holding your hand and telling you he loves you, then that’s all that really matters, right ladies?

Near? Far? Wherever you are? I’m dead, bitch. You know where the fuck I am: