Elin Nordegren Had Tiger Woods’ $12M Mansion Destroyed

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On November 26, 2009, Elin Nordegren was content to live her opulent life as a kept woman in Tiger Woods‘ sprawling $12 million Florida mansion while nannies and servants took care of her and her two children while daddy was playing golf. On November 27, 2009, the whore gates opened and Elin found out that Tiger had banged over twenty different women, so she beat him and his Escalade with one of his own golf clubs causing facial lacerations, bruises, and a concussion. But not to be content to with just fucking both his grills up, Elin tried and failed to leave Tiger penniless and with no contact to his two children. But most importantly, she initially refused to sign a lifetime confidentiality clause, because you can’t reap untold fortunes off a tell-all book if you do that. After it was all said and done, she was awarded a $100 million in the divorce settlement, but that didn’t come soon enough, so she immediately hooked up with another millionaire who she now plans to marry. This should be a happy time for her and her new rich guy, but please keep in a mind that the wrath of a woman scorned is a never-ending pasta bowl of irrational lunacy and blatant pettiness. TMZ reports:

Elin Nordegren is a human wrecking machine … who just LEVELED her brand new $12 MILLION Florida mansion … because, well, she can afford it. Elin bought the 9,000 square foot North Palm Beach home in March … right after she struck a $100 million divorce settlement with Tiger Woods. Apparently, Elin felt the modest 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom pad wasn’t quite up to her standards … so she did the only reasonable thing — KNOCKED THE WHOLE PLACE DOWN! We’re told Nordegren has hired a high-priced architect to build her dream home … and sources say every single worker is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. No word on how long the project is expected to take — but we’re told Elin is living in a nearby mansion inside the private community while the new place is under construction.

This is what happens when a woman is raised believing her vagina is a precious gift to be given only to a prince because she is a princess. She has two kids, no job, but a 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom mansion just isn’t doing it for her. The sense of entitlement and confusingly high sense of self-worth probably made your ex-husband stick his dick in whores. I don’t know. Possibly. That’s just a theory of mine.


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