Pink is Really Smart

Last week, Pink (in a campaign for PETA), claimed New York’s carriage horses were being abused because they are forced to walk on concrete and breathe in fumes from the city’s many cars. Today, New York’s Horse & Carriage Association basically called her a dumbass. NYDN reports:

Carriage-owner rep Carolyn Daly bridled at Pink’s charge that the asphalt hurts the horses’ hooves. “They have specialized shoes for concrete,” said Daly, adding that their equine partners get a four-month vacation at a Pennsylvania farm. “We haven’t had one animal cruelty violation from the three agencies that oversee us,” said Daly, who derided the “ignorant comments of a B-list pop star. A true ‘Stupid Girl’ is one who talks publicly about something she knows nothing about.” Hansom cab driver Ian McKeever said he’s never witnessed a driver abusing a horse – and would intervene if he did. McKeever, whose horse Roger has appeared on “Sex and the City,” argues, “My horse is more famous than [Pink] is!”

Yeah. Pink is a woman who looks like a dude, so good luck is trying to get me to listen to anything her ugly ass has to say, no matter how important she thinks it is. If you want to get me involved in your crusade, you better let Miranda Kerr fill me in on the details. Pink could tell me that they’re using live ponies to clear minefields and my first instinct would be to scream and pull out my mace.

Pink on January 18th:


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