Brett Ratner Does Gay Things

For some reason Brett Ratner decided to reveal in an interview that a scene in Rush Hour 3 was based on his own real life sexual experience with a transvestite. Page Six reports:

Asked by The Advocate about the sequence “when the girl takes off her wig and Chris Tucker becomes angry and accuses her of being a man,” Ratner responded, “That’s from my personal experience. My first [oral sex] was from a man, but I didn’t know it was a man…I’m not homophobic or uptight about it. That happens to a lot of heterosexuals. You meet a girl in a bar, and it turns out she’s not a girl.”

Um, I’m not sure what kind of bars this douche is going to, but he may want to read the sign before going in because getting head from another dude doesn’t prove you’re not homophobic or uptight, it just means you’re gay.

Ratner’s ex-girlfriend and Romanian model, Alina Puscau:

Ratner’s ex-girlfriend and monster, Serena Williams: