Are You Ready For Rush Hour: The TV Series?


For years, there have been rumors of a possible fourth Rush Hour movie that would once again reunite Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. While Rush Hour 4 seems less likely to happen now, it doesn’t mean that the Rush Hour franchise is over.

According to Deadline, Rush Hour director Brett Ratner and “Cougar Town” co-creator Bill Lawrence have closed a deal to develop “Rush Hour” as a TV series. The premise of the “Rush Hour”  TV series would follow the premise of the first film in which a Hong Kong police officer is reluctantly teamed up with an arrogant Los Angeles Police Detective. The first Rush Hour film was an unexpected box office hit in 1998. It spawned two sequels and the Rush Hour Trilogy took in approximately $845 million worldwide.

Lawrence will co-write the “Rush Hour” pilot with Blake McCormick, while McCormick will serve as the showrunner and an executive producer.

Warner Bros. TV is backing the “Rush Hour” television series, but the project is not currently attached to a network. It is expected to be shopped around in the near future.