Victoria Beckham is Sexy

Um, gross:

Victoria Beckham may be famous primping and preening…the body-conscious Spice Girl showed off bizarre saggy skin on her leg, while her tiny thigh looked almost hollow around the bone. The star admits to keeping slim with a carefully watched menu of fish and vegetables, but friends recently said: “She doesn’t exercise at all.” Age, coupled with vigorous dieting and little exercise may finally have taken its toll on the star’s body.”

If the David Beckham serial cheating rumors are true, then this is probably a good reason why. Jesus, no wonder he’s banging everything that moves. He’d probably rather stick his penis in a piranha tank than inside this thing.

No, these aren’t Photoshopped.

Photo credit:

Image and story source: Daily Mail

Update: We don’t post Photoshopped pics, so stop sending us pictures from a different agency which were taken by different photographers and from different cameras/angles/distances/resolutions/and lighting than these and try to cry Photoshop with the ones we posted. Thanks.

Update II: Please note this picture which is the one everyone claims is an “original” belongs to Splash News, a different agency than the ones above:

Also note, that not only is that picture out of focus, but this photographer was using a lower resolution camera, was standing in a different position than INF and Retna’s photogs and there was different lighting in this picture. This picture was also snapped as Victoria was further up the stairs. These are not the same pictures.

Update III: Here’s another photo which was snapped by a Splash News photog, which is also a different photo (her hand is in her hair), photographer, camera, resolution, position and lighting which our friends at Popsugar posted:

Also note you can see some disturbance in her left leg here which the INF and Retna photogs caught more in focus in different lighting with their cameras and from their positions. Again, not the same photos, not the same cameras, not the same photographers, not the same lighting, not the same distance, not the same position, not the same resolution, not the same photo agencies … not Photoshopped. She has loose skin and no muscle. Of course it’s going to jiggle. Get over it already.