Calum Best is a Good Influence

The Sun reportedly has camera phone footage of Calum Best, Lindsay Lohan’s sometimes boyfriend, snorting cocaine and having sex with two prostitutes at Kensington’s Rockwell Hotel last Wednesday. Call girl Casey James and her Brazilian friend, arrived at Best’s room where they took turns blowing him and snorting coke:

Then he dropped his pants as the girls – who used a rolled-up banknote to snort coke off a glass table – simultaneously pleasured him. Gripped by lust he used his mobile phone to film a girl pleasuring him…After nearly three hours the girls asked a complaining Calum to leave – only for him to demand they should “learn some manners”.

This is apparently nothing new, because a friend says Calum is sick and twisted deviant:

His father George may have been hooked on booze and women, but Calum has fallen to truly sickening depths.”

Wow, this comes as a shock because you expect someone who hangs out with Lindsay Lohan to have a strong morals. Good thing Lindsay cut ties with this guy when she did because there’s no telling where our poor little angel might have ended up!

Lindsay entering Promises rehab facility on Monday:


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