Super Bowl XLIX Drinking Game

In our annual tradition, we in the CraveOnline Industrial Labs have spent days upon days refining and tweaking our scientifically tested Super Bowl Drinking Game. We are expecting a great game, but have added special bonus content for the commercials which everyone loves watching.

It should be noted in special Mom and Dad voices – PLEASE BE SAFE AND KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN. We care about you and want you to return to read more stuff. Seriously, last year a Radio Shack 80’s themed commercial nearly took out a frat in Pullman.

Pre-determine which levels you want to play and always have a designated driver.

Friday Night Lights

Level 1 – Take a drink every time:

First Down.


Passing play greater than 20 yards.

Running play greater than 10 yards.

Someone makes a John Travola and Idina Menzel joke either on TV or at your party.

Phoenix skyline or a mountain shown.

City of Phoenix is actually mentioned.

Rob Gronkowski is referred by simply “Gronk”.

Patriots coach, Bill Belichick touches his microphone.

Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll, is shown chewing gum.

Saturday Game Day

Level 2 – Take a drink every time:

Pass Interference



Camera shot of the trophy during the game.

Rob Gronkowski catches a ball in the middle of the field.

New York Giants or Eli Manning are mentioned.

Seattle’s 12th Man is mentioned.

Russell Wilson has to scramble.

Kam Chancellor jumps over the OL on a field goal.

Tom Brady is seen yelling on the sidelines (happy or sad).

A fan in full costume is shown in close-up.

Pete Carroll being the head coach before Belichick in New England is mentioned

Any Given Sunday

Level 3 – Take a drink every time:


Field Goal.


A pass for 35 or more is completed.

Running play for less than 10 yards.

“America” or “USA” is said in broadcast or in a commercial.

A seahawk or hawk is seen (mascot and statue count).

Fox pimps a show by showing the celebrity in the crowd or the announcer awkwardly mentions.

Someone in your home walks in and asks “who is winning” or “what just happened”.

The Patriots use a trick play.

The owner is seen.

Richard Sherman is mentioned along with any variance of “talks a lot”.

Marshawn Lynch is shown on the sidelines and he is not talking.

Marshawn Lynch touches himself… you know… down there.

Pro Bowl

Level 4 – Take a drink every time:

A pass for less than 10 yards is completed.


Kick off

A penalty flag is thrown.

A play is under review.

The weather is mentioned.

Michael Bennett on a bike is shown.

Marshawn Lynch and the media are mentioned.

Deflategate or Ballghazi are mentioned.

The referees squeeze the ball to test it out.

Someone in the room defends liking Katy Perry.

Julian Edelman or Doug Baldwin drop a pass.

Skittles are seen.

Gronk’s butt crack is seen.

Endorsement Deals

Bonus Commercial Break Game:

Car Colors – Everyone in the room picks a color. When a car commercial comes on, whoever picked the color of the car in the commercial doles out 5 drinks to anyone in the room.

Celebrity Names – Whoever yells out the correct name of the celebrity in a commercial wins. The person to their direct left, takes 3 drinks. 5 drinks if the celebrity was famous in the 80’s. Movie trailers commercials don’t count.

Mindy Kaling – Mindy Kaling will appear in a commercial. The last person in the room yell “Mindy Mindy” OR sing the theme to her show has to take 3 drinks.

Lindsay Lohan – The Lo will show up, we know this beforehand. When it does, everyone takes turns (start with the youngest and go clockwise around room) and has to say a Mean Girls quote. First person to fail has to be the serving wench for the rest of the quarter.

Beer is Good – Whenever a beer commercial appears the first person to yell “Crave Online” (or “I Love Redd”) doles out 10 drinks in any combo to people in the room.

Puppies and Babies – Everyone splits up into two teams – puppies and babies. Count up the number of appearances of either. At the end of the game, the team that had the least amount of appearances has to drink the total number (define a max beforehand).

Brian Reddoch is a CraveOnline reporter and rabid fan of all teams Seattle. You can follow him on Twitter @ReddReddoch or “like” CraveOnline Sports on Facebook

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