Your 2015 Super Bowl Position Groups and the Films That Represent Them

There are 106 players that travel to the Super Bowl who have the chance to play in the big spectacle. From those, only 92 players will actually suit up for the 2015 Super Bowl. On Tuesday, they met with the media in Glendale, Arizona, site of Super Bowl XLIX. Today, they’ll both get back on separate practice fields, where they will break down into their position groups and get drilled by their positional coaches. 

As you can note from that large sample of players available to play, football is interesting because there are so many different players involved in each game. Each group has a specific physical build, even. You got your big-guys up front hitting the other big-guys in front of them. And sleeker, athletic, finesse-fellas flanking them, trying to get yardage and points. Within these groups there are a lot of different personalities.

So, while the media focuses on the ball pressure scandal that’s been at the top of the news for the past week (or whether or not Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch will grab his balls and get another fine), we thought we’d have a little fun. No one’s integrity need be defended here at CraveOnline. Nah, we just thought it’d be fun to figure out what film best sticks to each starting positional group that’ll take the field this Sunday. That’s nine films for the Seattle Seahawks and nine films for the New England Patriots. As a bonus, even halftime entertainment chantress/empowerer Katy Perry already has her own movie (but we think one other title fits her better).

This list is for film buffs to better get to understand the buff guys who’ll be jawing at each other this Super Bowl matchup. So without further adieu, check this slideshow of Your Super Bowl XLIX Position Groups, and the Films That Best Represent Them. And if you’ve got beef (or applause) for any of the selections, please comment below.


Brian Formo is a featured contributor on the CraveOnline Film Channel. You can follow him on Twitter at @BrianEmilFormo; he is a HUGE Seahawks fan, but this article was written with objective impartiality. 


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