James Brown’s Lawyer is Busy

A day after James Brown died of heart failure in an Atlanta hospital, his partner of five years, Rae Hynie, returned to the couple’s home in Brown’s Beech Island, S.C to find the gates padlocked and her access denied by the request of Brown’s lawyer and accountant. Hynie, Brown’s 36 year old backup dancer, claims she has a legal right to the home where she and and their 5 year old son lived. She told reporters:

This is my home. I don’t have any money. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

However, Hynie was still legally married in 2001 when she married Brown, making her marriage to the Godfather of Soul null. Although Hynie annulled the previous marriage, she and Brown never remarried. To that, Brown’s lawyer, Buddy Dallas, said:

I suppose it would mean she was, from time to time, a guest in Mr. Brown’s home.”

Damn, dude. Merry Christmas to you, too. Nothing says you have the holiday spirit quite like making a five year old sleep on the curb after his father just died. Maybe you should have stood behind the gate and killed a clown or drowned a puppy to make sure he was fully traumatized.

Here’s Lacy Chabert in the January issue of Maxim. I think this is what James would have wanted:



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