Faith Hill Loses It

At the :43 second mark, you’ll find out all you need to know about Faith Hill. The wholesome and lovable Faith Hill who was pacing back and forth like Ali backstage as the nominees for Female Vocalist of the Year were read. The Faith Hill that threw her arms in the air and stormed off when she didn’t win. Some people are telling me that this was a joke, but it doesn’t look like it. If by “joke” they mean “unfiltered moment of rage and jealousy,” I agree. Thanks for letting us know that Carrie Underwood’s big night was really all about you, Faith. And thanks for tricking everybody into thinking you and your husband are the hottest couple in country music, even though you’re shaped like a Filipino boy and your husband has to wear a cowboy hat in his sleep so aliens won’t see the glare off his head from space.

Carrie Underwood arriving at the CMA awards last night:


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