K-Fed Got Booed Last Night

A reader by the name of Karlenea was at the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival last night and was masochistic enough to stick around for K-Fed’s performance to promote his crappy CD nobody is buying. She was cool enough to send us her story.

Just a heads up, Kevin Federline was booed off stage last night after performing his new single on the Kiis FM stage at the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival.

He was supposed to come on stage at 9.45 and perform until 10.00, all this time we were chanting “K-Fed, K-Fed”. He came on stage around 10.15pm, after being introduced by a DJ who claimed he was “a good friend of mine, be nice to him and show some love for Kevin…. blah blah”. He walked out in a cape. Well, from where I was standing that’s all it was, a stupid black cape. The crowd started booing. He started assaulting my ears with his voice while his backup dancers (with faces covered in white masks – can you blame them?) “danced” with him. He called out to the audience some lame crap like “where my ladies at?” to which we replied with boo’s and a few YOU SUCK’s for good measure.

When the song was over the boo’s were in full swing, it was deafening. Everyone was laughing and booing him. He just walked off stage. It was fantastic.”

Judging from the video TMZ has from the show and the people who were cheering for this douche, there were probably about 12 or 13 short, yellow buses parked outside. And it’s not nice to make fun of retards except when they’re cheering for K-Fed, but even then, what do they know? K-Fed could have easily been replaced with a piece of cardboard with a smiley face on it or an old lady sitting on a stool playing Peek-A-Boo with the audience and the reactions would have been the same.

Here are pictures from the event:

Update:: I saw higher quality footage of this event tonight on t.v. which captured the intensity of the collective jeering from the crowd. I’ll post the video if it shows up online.

Thanks again to Karlenea for the heads up!


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