Paris Hilton Was Attacked. Still Alive.

Paris Hilton filed a police report with LAPD’s Hollywood Division early this morning alleging battery against Dancing With The Stars reject, Shanna Moakler, after she claims Moakler verbally attacked her and punched her in the jaw at the nightclub, Hyde. According to TMZ and Hilton’s publicist, Elliot Mintz, Moakler approached Paris at approximately 1:10 a.m. this morning and began screaming obscenities at her. Paris then claims Moakler “struck her in the jaw with a closed fist” as she continued to verbally attack her. Mintz claims that Moakler had to be restrained as several people had to help Paris escape Hyde without further injury. Mintz says:

I would encourage Paris, with the consent of her attorney, to seek a restraining order against Moakler to prevent any escalation of this irrational and dangerous behavior.”

Oh wait, we’re not done. Shanna Moakler also filed a police report this morning, claiming that Stavros Niarchos, Paris’ occassional boyfriend, poured a drink over her head and pushed her down a flight of stairs. Coincidentally, Paris had a brief fling with Shanna Moakler’s estranged husband, Travis Barker, late last month which included them being photographed kissing in the bushes outside a club. So I guess Shanna’s pissed now. So pissed and full of rage that she couldn’t even drop a little drunk white girl who looks like Big Bird with a glass eye and a venereal disease. Good job there, Rocky.

Paris before she flashed her crotch at Tao’s anniversary:



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