Vince and Rachel Are Engaged

Us Weekly has confirmed that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are engaged. The proposal actually happened on June 27th, when Vince got down on one knee while aboard a private Gulf Stream, returning home from Girls Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis’, Puerto Vallarta retreat.

They’re engaged!” a friend of the couple’s tells Us, adding, “Vince almost cries whenever he tells the story of the proposal. He was going to propose on the beach during the trip, but he chickened out because he wasn’t sure if she would accept,” says the source. “But he knew he was leaving town [to film Into the Wild in South Dakota] for awhile, so he just felt he had to ask her before they landed.”

Immediately proposing to your girlfriend after spending your vacation at an alleged rapist’s house, is probably a sure way to guarantee that she’ll say yes. At that point, anything you do seems sweet. After she sees that sorority girl floating face down in the pool, she’ll write to her mom about how cute you looked when you kicked her dog.

Speaking of dogs, here’s Jennifer hanging out with hers a couple days ago:


Thanks to isocronu for the Joe Francis link!

Update: Aniston’s spokes-liars are denying the engagement, but US weekly is sticking by its story. ABC News


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