Spider-Man 3 Trailer is Online

The first official teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3 was released today and for those of you who had only your comic books and a key to your house when you were eight instead of a father, your discerning eye will notice that Sandman (Thomas Hayden Church) and Venom (Topher Grace) have finally made it into the franchise. Also, Bryce Dallas Howard has joined the cast as a “romantic rival” to Kirsten Dunst. That really shouldn’t be difficult considering any normal dude would rather french kiss a pirahna than get anywhere near Kirsten Dunst. Not saying Bryce is a supermodel, but please keep in mind that this guy is her dad and this guy is her uncle. She’s cute considering her gene pool. Babies born at Chernobyl have a better chance at being on the cover of Vogue.

Watch the Spider-Man 3 trailer here.

Bryce Dallas Howard at the Vanity Fair Oscar part in March 2006:


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