Nicole Kidman Makes the Rules

As most of us would agree, nothing says “I love you” quite like a prenuptial agreement. So based on the prenup that Keith Urban signed, either Nicole Kidman doesn’t really like him that much or Urban loves her very, very much. I can’t tell which:

Kidman, who’s worth about $150 million, has had her hubby-to-be ink a lowball prenup that guarantees him a kiss-off of just over $600,000 a year for every year they are together, according to press reports in Australia and England. In addition, there’s a clause that allows her to bail without giving Urban, an ex-cocaine addict, a cent if he uses illegal narcotics or boozes excessively. The agreement, signed in Los Angeles earlier this month, also calls for joint custody of any kids the couple has together, although Urban would be prohibited from taking them out of whatever country Kidman is living in.”

This sounds pretty harsh until you realize the prenup is more about Tom Cruise than Keith Urban. Since their divorce, if Nicole wants to see Isabella and Connor, her adopted kids with Cruise, she has to dress up in a cat burgular outfit and sneak in their rooms at night just to give them a hug. So, after years of Nicole watching Tom sacrifice pandas or whatever the crap Scientologists do, forgive her if she wants to make sure she’s covered if Keith chalks lines at their kid’s recital.

Nicole and Naomi Watts June 22:

Nicole and Keith today, June 23rd:



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