Tom Cruise and ‘Kate’ Holmes Are in Love

Tom Cruise may have found a way to convince Katie Holmes to marry him – $33 million. The couple, along with their lawyers, have come to terms on a new prenuptial agreement that will give Holmes $3 million a year (up to $33 million) for every year she is married to Tom Cruise. In addition, she will receive Cruise’s palatial home in Montecito, California. However, if the marriage lasts longer that 11 years, the contract becomes void and California’s community property law takes over, which will give Holmes half of Cruise’s estimated $400 million fortune. A source says:

If she walks now, Tom will fight her for custody of [daughter Suri], and Katie can’t outlast him in court,” an insider told the mag. “She knows she needs to marry him to get the money to fight him for custody, if it comes to that.”

Man, all this romantic talk really makes me want to get married. I’m so glad I have big Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to show me what true love is all about. And here I thought marriage was based on communication, respect and trust. Boy, was I wrong. Thanks Tom and Katie!



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