Adriana Lima Will Slap You

Adriana Lima caused quite the scene at P.M. Lounge on Friday night at the the birthday party for her boyfriend, Prince Wence of Lichtenstein. Arriving late, Lima immediately walked right over to him and slapped him across the face.

Then she went to the bar with a girlfriend,” said a bystander. “Ten minutes later, she came back, picked up the prince’s jacket, grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out the door.” Presumably, they soon made up and the prince’s birthday ended happily.

Prince Wence is part of the wealthiest royal family of Europe with an estimated worth of $4 billion, yet allows his girlfriend to slap and humilate him in public. Why, you ask? He’s dating a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model who is a virgin. Of course he doesn’t care, because if you can find a sexier combination than Brazilian, model and virgin, be sure to let me know. I didn’t think it was medically possible to become more than “fully erect,” but thanks to Adriana Lima, the medical journal said they will finally publish me.


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