Angelina and Brad are Having a Namibian

Samuel Sheefeni Nuuyoma, a local governor of Namibia has revealed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having their baby in Namibia and considering giving their child a Namibian name. Namibian immigration officials confirmed that the couple and five others arrived in Africa, on a private flight from Paris.

Some people are intent on spreading rumors that Brad Pitt may be crazy because he cut his hair in a mohawk just like Maddox’s and might name his white baby Shaka Zula Jolie-Pitt, but there is no telling what a man would do at the thought of unlimited and unrestrained sex with Angelina Jolie. I would get a Cowboy Curtis geri curl and let my use a scorpion as a rattle if Angelina let me lick her boobs, so who the hell knows what kind of dreams Brad Pitt has at night?