Josh Holloway Will Probably End Up Divorced

Josh Holloway, ‘Sawyer’ of ABC’s hit Lost, says he thought about dumping his fiance when he became famous. Although he insists he’s happily married, he says he still fantasizes about bachelorhood. He tells Men’s Health:

There’s a Hugh Hefner that lives in all men. So when ‘Lost’ took off, part of me thought, ‘Do I cut and run?’ I still like to look around, but respectfully and with no intentions. ‘Married, not buried,’ I always say….Damn, I’d have one girl doing my laundry, one shaving me, one bringing me a cocktail and another one coming out of my tent all hung over.”

There is something to be said for sticking by the woman who still let you lick her when you were living with your sister and paying your dues as a fluffer’s personal assistant, but can you really afford to be married while Wilmer Valderama is going through every piece of your well-earned Hollywood kitty like the value menu at Taco Bell? Being married in Hollywood is like going to a strip club with your mom, only you have to sleep with her afterward.