Gwyneth Paltrow Only Takes Three Minutes

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Even though she is on the screen for only three minutes, Gwyneth Paltrow will earn $3.6 million dollars for her singing cameo in the upcoming, Infamous. This will be her first film after the birth of her second child who was born via scheduled C-Section this weekend and named Moses Martin. A source tells Britain’s Heat magazine:

No actress has earned this sort of money for just one day’s work. When you’re talking about someone as beautiful and iconic as Gwyneth making her film comeback after having her baby, then it’s the performance that counts.”

I had to check the dictionary just to make sure “beautiful” and “iconic” meant what I thought they did, and to my surprise, they hadn’t changed. How this idiot has achieved Hollywood elite status is a mystery. She was born rich, has no education and at an early age, she was handed movie roles by her connected family’s friends after she decided being a hippie and making friendship bracelets wouldn’t make her famous. On her downtime, she’s contstantly lecturing and complaining about America although she has never lifted a finger in her life. The last time I checked, the ability to read cue cards won’t put you on the dollar.