Britney Spears Needs Votes

Just two years after being named FHM’s Sexiest Woman, Britney Spears would have needed 20,000 votes to rank #100 on this year’s list. Ross Brown, editor of FHM, said:

A couple of years ago FHM readers couldn’t get enough of Britney, and they unanimously agreed that she was by far the sexiest woman on the planet. I can only guess that a raft of less-than-flattering photographs and her general disappearance from our TVs and radios have left readers under the impression that Britney’s lost her sex appeal.”

Two years ago, the image of her body greased up and laying on a table is what they showed men in comas to get them to wake up. Now, that same image just has me wondering which end to put the apple. She was at the top of her getting men to masturbate game once, now she’s just fugly enough to join the cast of Sex and the City. Really, how do you expect me to masturabate to that? It’d be faster and less demeaning if I just watched The Golden Girls.

April 3rd out celebrating sister, Jamie Lynn’s, birthday:

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