Jennifer Aniston Won’t Answer

On Tuesday morning’s Today show, drama ensued when entertainment correspondent, Jill Rappaport, asked Jennifer Aniston about the latest rumor that Oprah is planning to throw an $8 million dollar wedding for her and boyfriend Vince Vaughn. Instead of Aniston saying anything, Friends With Money co-star, Catherine Keener, piped in saying, “I thought you weren’t gonna go there, but you did.” Doing her job, Rappaport continued to fish for information and replied, “It’s frustrating because those rumors do get out there…When you hear about an $8 million wedding, you’d like to be invited.” Keener, continuing to believe the reporters were there to see her quipped, “And now you won’t be,” which drew laughs from Aniston, fellow co-star Joan Cusak, and Rappaport.

According to the article, Friends With Money is a drama about four women whose varying degrees of success put a strain on their relationships. I’ve never seen the movie, and I don’t know how extreme or liberal they’re being with the word “varying”, but Jennifer Aniston is probably the boring, whiny and homeless one. And when it’s time for them to dance around a table and sing into hairbrushes to an overplayed 90s song, Jennifer’s character will be the one who will start crying because the song reminds her of the good times. Those were the good times weren’t they Jen? They sure were.

Aniston and Vaughn March 30th on the set of The Break Up: