Belinda Carlisle Wants Jessica Alba

Belinda Carlisle, lead singer of the once wildly popular all girl 80’s band, The Go-Go’s, is set to produce a feature film based on her life which she claims “will shock many”. Carlisle’s issues with her fluctuating weight and drug addiction will provide the plot points required for your standard artist biopic, but the most shocking news is that Carlisle is requesting that Jessica Alba play her.

Well, at least the years of wallowing in obscurity haven’t dulled Belinda’s self esteem, because that doesn’t usually happen when you walk around in sweatpants munching on corndogs and OxyContin. Unless she has a magic mirror or really bad friends, I’m not sure how she managed to come up with Jessica Alba. That would be like George Clooney playing Rosie O’Donnell. Although I have to admit that watching the “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” video in junior high when your parents aren’t home is disturbingly gratifying. Kinda like masturbating to Cheetara.

Jessica Alba at the Oscars: