Scarlett Johansson is Cool Like That

Speaking for the first time about designer Isaac Mizrahi’s groping of her breasts on live televison at the Golden Globes six weeks ago, Scarlett Johansson says she was “sort of shocked,” but isn’t angry about it.

I’d been prepping for two hours with hair and makeup and getting dressed. And the first interview I do, someone who I have never met before fondles me for his own satisfaction. Mostly, I was thinking, ‘Oh, my god. This is happening on live TV.’ I don’t think he got a huge thrill out it. He was making some shocking show or whatever for his channel and wanted to be different and racy and all of those things. When it happened, I think I actually said, ‘What the heck is going on?’ At the same time, people made a huge deal out of something that, in the moment, was not as exciting as it seemed afterward. “I’m not mad at him,” she said. “I think he’s a guy that’s starting his TV career and he’s making a bit of an exciting moment for himself. I can’t be angry at him. Surely he is thrilled with the press and the attention it’s getting.”

It’s a glorious and exciting time to be gay. A rugged cowboy one minute, molesting a young Hollywood starlet on live television with zero consequences the next. I’m far too committed to vaginal sex to start now, but if most women are as cool as Scarlett was about this, I may need to ask Ricky Martin and Jake Gyllenhaal to bring me all of their He-Man videos and Cher CDs so I can catch up.

The video of Scarlett’s boob groping is here.

Scarlett in March 2006 Hungarian Elle:

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