Clay Aiken is Straight

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We’re still receiving hate mail in regard to our last post on Gay Gayken’s gayness telling us how horrible we are for calling him gay. They’re also reminding us he’s a devout Christian and his penis is no sinner. I haven’t yet spoken to Clay’s penis to confirm these allegations, but I have seen these webcam conversation screencaps a 22 year old homosexual school teacher sent to the National Enquirer. He says they met through a gay website and Clay did a little striptease hoping they could meet up and get it on. Portions of their chat transcript are in the National Enquirer.

But, yeah, I know all of this proves nothing. I’m sure he was shirtless and posing on the webcam while preaching the word of Jesus to a bible study chatroom. “Let’s now discuss Genesis 8 and my sexy pecs because they give it to you two at a time just like Noah, then we’ll finish off with Psalm 69, yeah baby!”