Clay Aiken is a Father

TMZ is reporting that Clay Aiken’s mother told a Raleigh, NC radio station that Aiken’s artificially inseminated love child, Parker Foster Aiken, was born this morning.

Aiken’s BFF, 50-year-old record producer Jaymes Foster, gave birth at 8:08 AM this morning in an “undisclosed location.” Aiken’s mother Faye said the dark-haired Parker weighed in at 6 lbs. 2 oz and was 19″ long. She says her son is “smiling from ear-to-ear.” Mom, dad and baby all are doing fine, according to Faye. Aiken and Foster, who met when Clay appeared on “A.I.,” will raise their spawn together.”

Man, what great news!! I’m just upset I wasn’t invited to the baby shower, where I hear friends and family enjoyed playing “Guess Baby’s First Cut Mark” and getting makeup tips from Clay!

I know these pictures of Carmen Electra in a bikini are totally unrelated, but the asexual gayness on this post really needed to be turned down to at least a 5: