Clay Aiken is Having Gay Issues

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RCA has put Clay Aiken’s second album “on hold” until the controversy caused by former Green Beret John Paulus blows over. On a recent appearance on Howard Stern, Paulus described in full graphic. detail his experience with Aiken. Now, Page Six is reporting that some Claymaniacs might file a class action lawsuit against the singer.

He represented himself as a heterosexual choirboy,” a spy said. “They might want their money back.”

Clay is from my home state and let me tell you, he was huge here. During those two months, people were like “hey, do you really think that gay dude from Raleigh is gonna win? I sure do.” My niece was 11 and she called him “Gay Aiken,” yet for some reason, middle-aged housewives didn’t quite pick up on to this and now want their money back. If you are his lawyer, just hold up a picture of Orlando Bloom doing a demi plie in a pink leotard next to Clay Aiken’s first album cover, and then ask the jury which one they think looks gayer. But before you do, you might want to run a sharpie over the title, Measure Of A Man. Ironic laughter has no place in a courtroom.