Evangeline Lilly Has Ruffles and Ridges

Why a grown woman would want to wear something this ridiculous and draw even more attention to … ahem … “problem areas” is beyond me. I hope she lost a bet with that boyfriend of hers. I’m pretty sure he’s laughing at her in that third picture. This thing looks like a cheerleader costume from 70’s porn. They’d be better off going home and acting out a scene in which Dominic, wearing an afro wig, bell bottoms and a handlebar moustache takes advantage of the horny college girl as she comes home from cheerleading practice. Even then, it would still be hard to believe she was anywhere near the age of consent in this getup. She looks more like she needs a diaper change and nap than some groovy sexual healing from Dr. Dominic Loverocket and his lava lamp of lust. *bow chicka wow wow*