Lindsay Lohan Can’t Resist Fez

Page Six reports Lindsay Lohan and her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama were caught partying together at the club Lotus yesterday, and were spotted at 5:30am entering Valderrama’s SoHo Grand hotel room. Lohan has been linked to several men in recent months and looks to be continuing her trend of whoring.

For her vagina’s sake, I hope Lindsay gets help for her abandonment and daddy issues soon. Normally, hot chicks with the self esteem of a burn victim with braces is a damn near perfect combination, but by now Lindsay’s body is 60 percent semen. How this girl is able to walk is a mystery. I’m pretty sure you’d have an easier time convincing Lindsay Lohan to have sex than you’d have making a sandwich or going to sleep.

Lindsay a few weeks ago at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 afterparty:

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