Tyra Banks is a Stripper

In an episode scheduled to air on March 1st, Tyra Banks worked as a detective to show her viewers what exactly goes on inside a strip club. In Touch Weekly reports that Tyra transformed her look with a latex nose, a wig and contact lenses. Tyra also did some work on the stripper pole, but it is unlikely she went topless the report states.

It’s with no small sense of accomplishment that I tell you I have never seen an episode of The Tyra Banks Show. Even when she and Jennifer Love Hewitt were comparing breast sizes. Why you may ask? Because of crap like this. Trying to figure out what goes on inside of a strip club is like trying to figure out what a lion is thinking when he sees a limping gazelle. Pretty much only two things go on. Three things if you’re a VIP like me.

Tyra last night at the Madea’s Family Reunion premiere. Nice pit-hair stubble, Tyra.