Britney Spears is Delusional

Britney Spears has told People magazine that her new album, which she is in the midst of recording with a hopeful release later this year, will reinvigorate the pop music scene. She says that current pop music is “boring” and insists that “nothing’s been wow to me”. The magazine also caught Spears in a reflective mood when asked about her recent infant car-seat incident:

I love my baby more than anything,” she says. “And as unfortunate an experience as this has been for me and my family, if it brings more attention to child safety, then I fully support that.”

I don’t know if Jeffrey Dahmer ever said he was pleased that he was able raise awareness on the issue of cannibalism or not, but if he did, at least he would’ve put some thought and effort into it. Britney Spears is a dumb hillbilly, and if she said she had a pet leprechaun or that she threw away her microwave because it kept secrets from her, it would make more sense than what she is saying here. She wouldn’t even be the best singer at a karaoke bar, but she thinks the whole world needs to be on pins and needles because her new album is coming out. Sorry Britney, but no thanks. Even your banjo player knows not to use his real name in the liner notes.

K-Fed smoking a cigarette and talking on the cell phone at a gas station on February 15th. There’s never a fiery explosion when you need it.