Don’t Take Pictures of Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is planning to petition Prime Minister Tony Blair to change the law to protect celebrities from the paparazzi.

I was seriously thinking of trying to get hold of Tony Blair. I appreciate that you are putting yourself up to it to a certain degree. But it’s stalking and there should be stricter laws.”

Before you want to give Sienna a big hug and a kiss, this is the same woman who routinely attacks photographers and publicly issues threats of violence against innocent people. She got famous for having sex with Jude Law, and in America that’s like being famous for having sex with Rick Solomon. Unless she sobers up quick, she’s gonna need to get Mr. Wizard to explain to me what’s attractive about Jude Law. He looks like he should be wearing mascara and a skinny tie while playing a keyboard with his index fingers.

Sienna and Steve Buscemi (why?) on February 7th:


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