Britney and K-Fed Fight in Public

Star Magazine is reporting the Britney Spears and K-Fed had themselves a big ol’ fight during a Kanye West performance at the Rolling Stone/Verizon Wireless Pre-Grammy party Monday night.

It was shortly after midnight and Kanye had only been on stage a few minutes when Kevin and Britney got into some big disagreement which turned into a full-scale shouting match. They both looked pretty angry and everyone else in the box was staring at them with amazement and shock. After a few minutes of yelling at each other, she stormed out leaving him in the box. She left with one of her bodyguards, got in her car and took off. Kevin stayed in the box with singer Brandy and his buddies, drinking the Sky Vodka that was being promoted at the club last night. He stayed till the end of the show.”

Frankly, I’m surprised Kanye West didn’t stop the show to say something like, “Can’t you bitches see Kanye is performing up here? Now shut the fuck up and respect Kanye.” Seriously, though. How annoying would it be to be Kevin Federline’s bodyguard? You’re getting paid to protect a dude you’d really rather see get his ass kicked. Maybe next time Brit and K-Fed will pull this crap at a 50 Cent concert and when 50’s entourage comes over to shut K-Fed up, his bodyguard will throw up his arms and say “I quit.” I don’t think it would be much of a fight, though. All I can picture is K-Fed lying on the floor while sucking his thumb in the fetal position and the entourage pointing with their guns and laughing at him.

There’s the happy couple (and Britney’s on again/off again hair extensions) before the fight that night:

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