Kim Cattrall Wrote Another Book About Sex

After writing the best sellers Satisfaction: The Art Of The Female Orgasm and Sexual Intelligence in 2003 and 2005 respectively, actress Kim Cattrall is offering less explicit advice to young women in her new book, Everything I Ever Learned About Being A Girl. The book’s publisher states:

It will be like the advice of an older sister. The idea is that Kim will advise teenagers to be cautious, so that they learn from her mistakes.”

Every role Kim Cattrall has ever played has been a variation of the slut theme, but how long can she keep up this gimmick? Kim Cattrall is not something you have sex with. She’s something you take to the Antiques Roadshow. Those guys at Sotheby’s might try to lowball you, but you were never gonna get more than that guy with the Navajo Chief’s blanket, now were you?