Jake Gyllenhaal May Star in the Next Batman

According to Moviehole, Jake Gyllenhaal is rumored to be cast as District Attorney Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the upcoming Batman Begins sequel. Paul Bettany is the heavy favorite to play Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker. Gyllenhaal is the latest name to be thrown in the Two-Face mix which also includes Guy Pearce and Liev Schreiber.

I appreciate the fact that Warner Brothers is committed to bringing in real talent this time and not just determined to blow their wad on special effects and hope we won’t notice the acting. Tim Burton felt the need to cast Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent in the original Batman, so thank god Joel Schumacher ran the franchise into the ground before that character got developed. I just couldn’t see Lando being that menacing. Like, should I be scared or want some malt liquor?

Update: Thanks to our super smart readers, I have been informed that Tommy Lee Jones played Harvey Dent/Two-Face in Batman Forever. It seems I would have remembered that little fact since I paid to see the movie and I own the DVD. Hey, remember that part when his name appeared in the credits as “Two-Face/Harvey Dent”? Me too! That was totally my favorite!

Jake on January 29th at the SAG Awards:


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