Uma Thurman Won’t Get Naked Again

Uma Thurman insists that she will never again appear naked in a film, because her only nude scene on film, in Dangerous Liaisons, was too traumatic. The actress told Britain’s Esquire magazine:

I felt some trepidation going in, but it was an art movie. It was based on this classic novel set in eighteenth-century France, and the scene was appropriate. When ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ came out, the scene was sensationalist in this really creepy, voyeuristic way. It made it seem out of character and it didn’t make sense to me… I certainly didn’t want to become a sensational sex symbol.”

Ummm….okay, so you didn’t. You really didn’t. I may have a higher standard of beauty because I look in the mirror every day, but Uma Thurman looks like Daryl Hannah with Down syndrome. If she does or doesn’t want to get naked is between her and plastic surgeon, but based on what I saw in Kill Bill, if she could throw some socks on that would be great.

Uma on the set of My Super Ex-Girlfriend: