Jennifer Chatted With Angelina

Various reports are claiming over the Christmas holiday Jennifer Aniston sucked it up and called Brad Pitt’s cell phone to wish him a Merry Christmas, but it was not he who answered the phone.

She dialled his cell phone only to have his new love, Angelina Jolie answer the phone for him. With rumours of a marriage and baby on the horizon for the Jolie/Pitts, their conversation was understandably short and strained. However, according to the Post Chronicle and FOX news the conversation did manage to break the ice and led to another phone call from Angelina in which she revealed she was pregnant with Pitt’s child. According to reports, the conversation was a tearful one … but what was actually said only they, and most probably Pitt, will ever know.”

This is my childish interpretation of how those conversations went.

Aniston: Ring, Ring

Jolie: Hello?

Aniston: Ummm … hi, is Brad there?

Jolie: Who’s this?

Aniston: This is Jennifer Aniston.

Jolie: Who?

Jolie: LOL!

Jolie: Just kidding.

Aniston: So, um, is he there?

Jolie: Oh. Sorry. Yeah, but he’s … um … busy. LOL.

Jolie: Can I take a message?

Aniston: Yeah, just tell him I said Merry Christmas.

Jolie: Yeah, okay. Will do.

Aniston: Thanks. Bye.

Jolie: Later.

Conversation 2:

Jolie: Ring, Ring

Aniston: Hello?

Jolie: Hey, Jen! I forgot to tell you I’m totally pregnant with Brad’s baby!

Jolie: LOL!

Jolie: No, seriously, I am. Don’t tell anyone, k?

Aniston: (sobbing) Okay.

Jolie: Later.

I’m not sure when exactly these pictures were taken, but I’m putting them up as a reminder to myself to bring these guys along next time I go out in public in a bikini. Aniston has never looked better.

Source: Entertainmentwise