Lindsay Lohan is a Drug Abusing Bulimic

The latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine hits the stands today containing an interview with Lindsay Lohan admitting bulimia, drug use and stress over the messy relationships with her father and Fes were the reasons for her severe weight loss over the last year.

I was sick,” Lohan, 19, admits to Vanity Fair magazine, according to excerpts published in the New York Post. “I had people sit me down and say, ‘You’re going to die if you don’t take care of yourself.'” In solving her bulimia, she credits Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels with staging an intervention after she hosted the show. “I just started bawling. I knew I had a problem, and I couldn’t admit it,” Lohan says. “I saw that SNL after I did it. My arms were disgusting. I had no arms.” Of her look, which she says scared her when she saw photos of herself: “My sister, she was scared. My brother called me, crying.” She also says that she used drugs “a little,” then quickly adds: “I’ve gotten that out of my system. … I don’t want people to think that I’ve done … you know what I mean? It’s kind of a sore subject.” The Post reports that Vanity Fair was contacted by Lohan’s publicist to try to have the references to drug use removed from the story. In her romantic life, she confesses to smothering Valderrama and pushing their relationship to the brink, because “I didn’t have anyone (else) to go to” with all her problems, including those with her father, currently serving jail time for assault on a family member.”

Great. What’s next? Is she going to tell me she has freckles and Herbie the Love Bug doesn’t really talk? I’m not sure who she thought she was fooling all this time, but you don’t go from what she looked like before to something resembling a Halloween decoration in less than a month by simply cutting carbs. I’m just bitter because all this time I’ve been saying she’s an anorexic cokewhore when it turns out she’s really a bulimic cokewhore. I hate being wrong.

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Source: People

Thanks to Matthew and Celia for the tip!


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