Eliza Dushku Goes Commando

I’ll be honest. I’ve heard this girl’s name several times, but I still had no idea who she was until I looked her up on IMDb last night. I have not seen anything she’s been in other than True Lies and I still don’t remember who she was in that movie. But thanks to these pictures I know how she styles her pubic hair (or lack thereof), so I’m a little more familiar with her. These girls are at the opening night of Dog Sees God, but it could easily be mistaken for a smoke break outside of a Bourbon St. brothel with that girl in the red dress at her side. I’m not saying they look like whores (well, maybe I am), but those stains scattered all over the bottom of that red dress are suspect.

The fist two pictures are huge, but like nip slips, that’s the best way to properly look at these sorts of things.


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