Paris Hilton is Dumped Again

Star Magazine is reporting that Paris Hilton’s idiot boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos (or “Starving Nachos”, as he’s affectionately known in the Blogosphere) has dumped Paris Hilton.

“They broke up Nov. 13. Stavros told Paris that things are out of control and he’s through with the drama. He said to her, ‘I need time to reflect. I should have been home today studying, instead I am here paying $100,000 worth of bills.'”

However, Paris’ rep denies they’ve split and denies Stavros wrecked his hotel room, telling Star People, “The two of them are doing great. Stavros seems to be totally in love with her.”

The fact that Paris Hilton’s publicist is denying the breakup and denying the fact that they trashed that hotel room in my fair city is enough for me to believe this story is true. Because publicists are the incarnation of the devil. Well, not all of them. Just the ones who represent media whores like Paris Hilton. And Tom Cruise. And Terrell Owens. And that creepy Burger King King. In case you missed that hotel room trashing story, you can read about it and see the pictures of the room here.

Furthermore, to knock this out in one post … It turns out “Baby Luv” (barf), that kinkajou Paris has been toting around lately, is illegal to have in Los Angeles, so she’s in trouble with the California Department of Fish and Game.

Thanks to James and Nate for the heads up.