Jake Gyllenhaal is on Set

Jake Gyllenhaal is pictured here on the set of Zodiac, which is due out in 2006 and directed by the always great David Fincher.

From IMDb:

Based on the Robert Graysmith book of the same name, Zodiac is about the notorious serial killer who haunted San Francisco during the 1970’s. Leaving a series of puzzling clues and letters on the trail, he was never officially caught while leaving several victims in his wake. A killer without a known identity, this is the story of what is now the notorious legend that to this day, remains one of San Francisco’s most infamous unsolved crimes.”

Chloe Sevigny will be playing Jake’s girlfriend in this movie. I’ve always found her oddly attractive, but only in that seeing her through your just opened, watery eyes after rubbing them too long sort of way. There’s no word yet on whether or not she’ll be participating in another fellatio scene in this one, but 7 out 10 fingers are crossed. I’m just happy Kirsten Dunst is nowhere to be found in this movie or in these pictures with Gyllenhaal. Any day without Dunst is a good day, and so far it’s just peachy.


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