Paris Hilton is a Class Act

Paris Hilton was one of few people not embarrassed to be seen going to Haylie Duff’s Halloween party the other night. I almost didn’t recognize her with those stupid furry ears on, but thankfully she wore what she wears every day, so she gave herself away. It’s hard to believe, but I think Paris’s lazy eye was more exaggerated that night than in South Park’s exaggerated version of it. In the first picture you can see she has some sort of patch on her right butt cheek which is showing through her inside-out underwear with a tag labelled “Trashy”. I doubt that’s a birth control patch because that would mean she actually has some sense. I think it’s more like some sort of patch which is helps halt her almost complete The Fly-like mutation/transformation into a giant insect. So I can forgive her for that hairy armpit in the second picture because I hear insect hairs are really coarse and render razor blades useless.

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